Identity programme
Simon Spies established Spies Rejser (Spies Travel) in 1956. The company started out by offering holidays in Palma de Mallorca (travelling by train) that lasted 4, 8, 16 or 32 weeks. The idea behind these tours was that people (particularly pensioners and the wealthy) could swap the dreary Danish winters for warm, sunny beaches. The prices were low enough that even ordinary pensioners could spend each winter in Mallorca and still keep their homes in Denmark – and they could pay for the trip with the money they saved on heating and cough syrup.
Solvognen (The Trundholm Sun Chariot) is a Nordic Bronze Age statue of a horse pulling the sun in a carriage. It’s a Danish national treasure, and Simon Spies wanted to use its likeness to represent his company, as he felt he was pulling the sun to the Danish people. We gave the logo a fresh, clean look. The old version is shown in the background in grey.