Identity programme
Remarks such as “Toms is an easy company to deal with” and “Can you make a logo that looks the way chocolate tastes?” are what inspired our design of the new Toms logo.
The name ‘Toms’ derives from the names of the company’s founders, Hans Trojel and V. H. Meyer. The company was originally called just ‘Tom’, but the ‘s’ was added to the name because the word ‘Tom’ – which means ‘empty’ in Danish – did not look good on Danish sweets dispensers…

Toms is a purveyor to Her Majesty, which entitles the company to use Denmark’s coat of arms or the crown and the words “purveyor to Her Majesty” on products and marketing materials.
Here, the crown is made from chocolate and then placed on a warm surface and melted slightly to achieve the same rounded effect as in the logo.