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Packaging design
Eduard Galle and Hans Jessen first tried marketing lozenges in 1875 when they introduced their “Icelandic moss lozenge”. Accompanied by a grand advertising campaign, the product was launched as a miracle cure for scratchy throats and colds. Despite the product’s tasty main ingredient – an extract of Icelandic moss – the campaign failed, and Galle & Jessen were forced to halt production.
In 1933, the partners decided to give it another go and launched Ga-Jol. The product was a success and would go on to become the popular Blå Ga-Jol we know today. The brand name ‘Ga-Jol’ comes from the men’s surnames: Galle (Ga) and Jessen (J). The ‘ol’ was added to give the name a medicinal sound.
The popular lozenges recently got a new package, so we redesigned and updated the Ga-Jol graphics to fit the new format. We also included a shiny silver lozenge symbol on the lid.

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